Food For Thougths: “Fever is not in bedding, but in non-treated patient’s mind” by Dr. Carlos Calcador

Fever is not in bedding, but in non-treated patient’s mind” by DRCC

“On average, mass killings involving firearms occur approximately every two weeks in the US, while school shootings occur on average monthly. We find that state prevalence of firearm ownership is significantly associated with the state incidence of mass killings with firearms, school shootings, and mass shootings”. This was part of the conclusion of the study Contagion in Mass Killings and School Shootings, (Towers et al., 2015) edited by Tulane University, published in 2015. This is a matter of public health’ impact, especially knowing, the dated “2015”, and still, we suffer the consequences as of a tragedy knocking the door of our schools and public places. Yesterday, ABC Network covered another case of school shooting: “One student is dead, and eight students were injured in a shooting at a Colorado school on Tuesday, according to authorities”. Apparently, an adult (just 18-year-old male, was killed and still not identified. This sad incidence happened at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The main difference of previous cases is that two suspects are in custody as relate to the murdered of one kid and at least 8 injured by the attackers.

According to the literature reviewed, Gius (2018) shooting occurred due to the absence of the gun control policy, while Knoll and Annas (2016), stated that emotional instability, anger, depression, and mental disorders are emergent themes from this phenomenon. Based in US statistics, the facts are frightening as approximately a year ago, 2018, at least 23 school shootings occurred from January till the end of May 2018, meaning more than one shooting in a week (Ahmed & Walker, 2018). There were 160 incidents of a school shooting from January 1, 2013 till December 31, 2015 in the USA. Simple calculations show that it is also one case in a week (Everytown, 2016). Long-lasting strain is a condition of a long-term frustration, when a person live in a persistent stress. The hostile attitude from the side of the peers may lead a person to isolation worsening the scenario. Thus, when communication doesn’t flow, the individual tendency is to close boundaries get immersed into personal world experiencing constant dissatisfaction with itself and the surrounding world. Conflicts with peers and abuse from their side including bullying can result in serious emotional disorders (Sigfusdottir, Kristjansson, Thorlindsson, & Allegrante, 2017; Álvarez-García, García, & Núñez, 2015). Chronic tension for a long time may result in uncontrolled strain, an emotional imbalanced, which may be a cause of excessive stress and anger (Hashmi, 2013). Uncontrolled stress is the second stage in the sequential model, which explains the behavior of shooter at a school o temples.

Synergy lost among by Goals, Targets and Metrics (or Indicators) (Calcador, 2018).

What we are waiting to recognize that symptoms are showing that the “fever is not in bed sheet, but in non-treated patient mind”?  Social impact metrics will show consequence of leaving human-“essential lifespan” values out of education in primary stages starting at home.

Dr. Carlos Calcador, DBA, MBA, CPHRP

CEO / Mentor of Science and Research School ved Mention;\l

Publicado por drccalcador

Social Impact encompasses how organizations, businesses or individuals' behavior influence or affect the community or society. The intent herein is to create a friendly environment enough to provoke learning how to lower your overall cost of operations, while gaining long-lasting customer's loyalty developing solid win-win opportunities. Likewise, emphasize in crucial to succeed in topics such as "transparency", values, and ethical behavior aim positive social changes. Dr. Carlos Calcador, DBA MBA NIH-CPHRP C.I.T.I.

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