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Sustainability in action…@ Palm Beach Florida

Fortunately not everything has been lost in the battle against the phenomenon of food scarce and climate change caused by the environment impact due to the intensive forestry Palm Beach County has developed a challenging program with plenty of farms, producing crops that range from Florida’s famous sugarcane to sweet corn, lettuce and tropical fruits. […]

Educate about Puerto Rico issues and sustainability phenomenons

“Residents of Guayama, home to Puerto Rico’s only coal-burning power plant for 15 years, have been diagnosed with cancer, heart and respiratory diseases that they fear are related to coal ash exposure. Ivette Feliciano reports on the concerns of Puerto Ricans who say the situation grew worse after Hurricane Maria–and the national implications as President […]

Cruceros y la seguridad alimentaria.

El proyecto europeo SHIPSAN TRAINET cuenta con un manual sobre las normas de higiene que establece la UE para los cruceros que navegan en aguas europeas El mercado europeo de cruceros ha aumentado un 41% entre 2006 y 2009 y más del doble en los últimos diez años, según el ‘Manual Europeo de Normas de Higiene y […]

Fe: La fuerza invisible que te mueve a creer.

Jesús les dijo: Por vuestra poca fe; porque de cierto os digo, que si tuviereis fe como un grano de mostaza, diréis a este monte: Pásate de aquí allá, y se pasará; y nada os será imposible. Pero este género no sale sino con oración y ayuno. S. Mateo 17:20‭-‬21 RVR1960 https://bible.com/bible/149/mat.17.20-21.RVR1960

We are killing our planet with our eating behavior…

As per the IPCC (2019) report, “At around 2C of global warming the risk from permafrost degradation and food supply instabilities are projected to be very high.” Improving land management, reforestation, and soil regeneration are essential steps in reducing emissions from the land sector, according to report co-author Annette Cowie from the University of New […]

¡El Tiempo de Actuar es YA!… compartido por ASEA.

Satisfacer las necesidades humanas fundamentales mientras se preservan los sistemas de soporte de vida de Earth9s requerirá una transición acelerada hacia la sostenibilidad. Está surgiendo un nuevo campo de la ciencia de la sostenibilidad que busca comprender el carácter fundamental de las interacciones entre la naturaleza … Nuestros recursos estan menguando de manera vertiginosa y […]

BBC: Another impacting decision against Children’s emotional-health.

China Muslims: Xinjiang schools used to separate children from families. According to BBC news, China’ s leaders are separating Muslim children from their parents, faith and language in the region of Xinjiang.Likewise, hundreds of thousands of adults are suffering detention and restrained in huge camps, a rapid, large-scale campaign to build boarding schools is under […]

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